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The week 32

Im so tired to Day. I have been working the hole week and weekend, so im done.

In the week i have been ón my job for Gigaset in the Day time. Then i Pick up my kids at 4 PM. Makeing dinner and play with Them and talk with my wife. When they are in bed i start my secound work, my wifes webshop, where she selling bed linen and stuff Like that to kids sleeping time.

Right now we a chancing system from a wordpress ecommerce to a Danish hosted solution. I cant wait to start in the ned system, because is so much better then the old one we got.
But first i have to create All the products over again. Im doing that because i will be sure that i have made seo ón All my products, made the right content, price and stock.

It Will take about 30 hours to dó all that and after that i Can start making 301 redirects from all the old sites to the new ones. Cant wait(not).

But when im finish i know it will be good and i will be so happy, that i have done All the work right from the begning.

Its now 12 am in Denmark, so i Will go to bed, and tomorrow i will start working again from the morning so i Can be done :)

Sorry for the bad spelling, im sitting ón my iPad and its chancing all the words over and over again :s

Take Care


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